Gili Lankanfushi Resort in Maldives


If you love the idea of staying in serene, remote locations but are used to modern amenities and high-end extras, this is the perfect resort for you. You can enjoy a simple yet luxurious stay on your own private island while traveling to other islands via boat or sea plane to go diving and see the sights. Located only 25 minutes away from Male, Gili Lankanfushi will be able to cater to all your needs any time that you need it. It’s address: Lankanfushi Island, North Malé Atoll Republic of Maldives, Maldives.

The resort is only 25 minutes from the airport and is a 45 minute ride from the capital of Male.

It is just a 25 minutes ride from the airport and 45 minutes from capital Male. You can arrive at Gili Lankanfushi Resort within an hour from the airport.

The speedboat journey takes you through a phenomenal scenery of turquoise blue water, sandbanks and palm tree islands, before arriving at Gili Lankanfushi Resort. The resort is located on the remote island of Lankanfushi in North Malé Atoll.

The resort has a total of 45 villas. The rooms are spacious with a large bathroom and also comes standard with a large water garden, private lounge area, service bells, wooden sun-deck, day bed, swing and hammock.

There is a total of 45 villas at Gili Lankanfushi Resort Maldives. The villas are spacious with large bathrooms, and come standard with a private lounge area, day bed, swing and hammock. All villas have a wooden sun deck leading to the water where you will find an open air bathroom set in the lagoon with an outdoor shower. Room service comes via bicycle so when you need them just ring your service bell.

The resort has no TVs but you have wifi throughout the resort. The villas are cleaned every day, twice a day if you want it that way!

The main restaurant serves world cuisine for lunch and dinner. There are vegetarian options available and dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

Fine dining at its finest, the main restaurant serves world cuisine for lunch and dinner. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated with prior notice, and there are vegetarian options available. All dishes are made with fresh ingredients sourced from local producers, including seafood caught daily by Maldivian fishermen. Complement your meal with a fine wine from the cellar or one of our signature cocktails. For dinner, enjoy a selection of meat dishes to complement the array of different fish varieties on offer. The menu at Meeru’s is similar to that of the main restaurant – buffet style breakfast with a la carte options for lunch and dinner.

Breakfast is served at guests’ villa or the main restaurant. Orders can be placed in the previous night (by 10pm).

As a guest, you have the option of dining at the Main Restaurant or in your villa. The Main Restaurant is open daily from 7.30am to 10pm and serves a la carte breakfast, lunch and dinner with daily changing menu. You can place your order at any time starting from the previous night before 10pm and choose from an extensive list of delicious options such as Japanese, Indian, Italian, seafood selections or regional specialties for breakfast.

The resort also offers four different private dining experiences (Asian Food Journey at The Baros Cooking Academy; Fire & Ice on Fushi Cafe deck; Maldivian Sunset on Dhoni Lounge & Bar; Dinner Under The Stars) ensuring every meal is as unique as it is memorable.

Private dining can be arranged on board of the cruises or in an intimate setup over the water or on the beach.

There is also a “cruise” of sorts that you can book for private parties. A large motorized raft arrives to take you on an excursion, where you can feast on the many dishes available in the resort. They will even light up candles at night and serve the food elegantly, should that be your preference. You can choose a different venue every day; there’s no limit to how far they’re willing to go so long as it’s within reason.

The novelty of eating on a cruise is one thing, but eating over water takes things to another level. We decided to have our lunch at Gili Lankanfushi Resort served over water…and what meal that was! It was only us, so there were no time constraints or rush for us to finish up and make way for other guests next in line. The staff laid out the tablecloth over the floating deck and waited patiently for us to get ready before bringing out all their carefully prepared dishes after we had taken our seats. We enjoyed ourselves immensely with delicious food served by friendly people against a breathtaking backdrop…

Relax by sipping on cocktails at the Meeru Bar which overlooks an infinity pool on one side and the ocean on the other.

Located next to the infinity pool, and with a large terrace overlooking the ocean, this is one of the best places to relax with a cocktail, glass of wine or even a cigar from our selection in hand. The bar offers an extensive drinks menu and is the only place where internet access is available. This makes it a great place to connect with loved ones back home using your smartphone or laptop computer. The bar also hosts live music performances on some evenings.

The resort offers plenty of complimentary activities such as yoga, bootcamp, snorkeling, diving, kayaking and night fishing to name a few.

Do you enjoy yoga? How about bootcamp? Gili Lankanfushi Resort has complimentary accessible activities always available.

Are you an underwater fan? Snorkeling and scuba diving is open to all guests. Just ask the staff if you need help getting set up.

If you are more of a night person, fishing is also available at any time of day.

Make sure you spend at least one night in your private dining suite out on the water.

After reviewing all of the restaurants on the property, my husband and I decided that our first night at Gili Lankanfushi would be spent in our own over-water dining suite. Though we were only planning a one-night stay, if you are able to splurge for a longer stay or plan ahead, this experience is well worth it. The price is high (to non-Maldivians), but since we don’t live in the Maldives, this was a once in a lifetime experience for us and something we wanted to do.

Final words on Gili Lankanfushi Resort in Maldives

With a range of activities, the most exquisite food, and stunning villas and beach houses, Gili Lankanfushi offers an unforgettable holiday. Forget your busy life and worries at this dreamlike island with lush green vegetation and white sandy beaches. Experience once in a lifetime moments at their beach bonfire evenings or under water restaurant meals. If you are looking for a luxurious escape from your busy life, then this is it!

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