Mirihi Island resort

The Mirihi island resort lies in the South Ari Atoll.

The South Ari Atoll, in the far south of the Maldives, is home to a tiny island resort called Mirihi. The resort lies on a beautiful lagoon ringed by white sand beaches and coral reefs, with two rocky islands off-shore providing top-class diving for those looking for an adventure. As we approached on our one-hour flight from Male, it was easy to imagine ourselves slipping away from busy Male to rest up at our sandy beach bungalows nestled in between others.

Sadly, once you fly into a place like this, it’s hard not to let your expectations spiral too high. There are only 14 bungalows spread out across these lovely islands; each is simple yet stylish with its own infinity pool and stunning views out over the sea. This simple type of accommodation is what you’d find in all the other resorts around here: each hotel has its own style but they’re all based around their location and proximity to their lagoon. The fact that none of them had any pretentiousness about themselves was actually refreshing!

On our first day there it was hard not to feel disappointed with what we saw: bare concrete bungalows with no frills or personality whatsoever; nice infinity pools but so similar that they were like clones of one another; an expensive Wilton kitchenette that had two bottles of hand soap amongst its many other kitchen essentials (it would’ve been fine if we were just going there for a couple of days as extras—but we were also paying for an apartment); bathrooms stocked solely with Nivea body wash and Lux soap… In short: nothing special or memorable about their facilities made us want anything more than savory pancakes for breakfast…

Mirihi Island Resort Location Details

The South Ari Atoll lies in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Maldives is a bio-diverse country spanning over 1,190 coral islands. The Maldives government has designated 7 Biosphere Reserves in the country and the South Ari Atoll is one of them. The South Ari Atoll lies in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, which is largest of all biospheres in Maldives with a total area of over 15,000 km². This ecological hub is home to over 2000 species of fish including Leopard Shark and Napoleon Wrasse (a giant fish that can grow up to 6 feet long), several varieties of sea turtles, dolphins and whales. It also has thousands of corals for snorkelers and divers to explore. So if you are looking for an adrenaline filled adventure or simply a chance to escape from reality in this masterpiece of nature, Mirihi Island Resort is certainly a good choice!

There are 37 coral islands in the atoll which are home to over 2000 species of fish.

The Maldives is home to over 2000 species of fish including tuna and grouper, green turtle, white-tipped reef shark, leopard shark and manta ray. Located in the Indian Ocean between Sri Lanka and India, the atoll consists of 37 coral islands with a total land area of 6.2 km2 (2 sq mi) surrounded by a lagoon 26 km (16 mi). The island is located about 150 km (93 mi) southwest of Male Airport in South Male Atoll. This is one of the most remote resorts in the world; it takes about 25 minutes by seaplane from Male International Airport to reach this resort.

It is also home to green turtles, white-tipped reef sharks and manta rays.

There are also white-tipped reef sharks that sleep under the jetty, harmless to us but majestic nonetheless. When snorkeling, it is important to stay close to the jetty in order to see them. The green turtles are also a treat, and the rare manta ray can be seen gliding over the coral reefs or feeding on plankton close to surface at night.

The white-tipped reef shark lives in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. They love coral reefs and can be found there from 5m all the way down to 150m of depth. They like shallow lagoons, bays and lagoon beds with sandy bottoms where they dig burrows for resting during daylight hours. White-tipped reef sharks are nocturnal and feed on bony fish, squid, octopus and other small invertebrates. They have grey backs with white tips of their fins (kind of reminded me of Mr Spock’s hair!).

Their average length is 1 – 1.5 meters long, but they can reach up to almost 2 meters!

The island resort has a spa, restaurant, bar and large swimming pool.

Mirihi island resort has a spa, restaurant, bar and large swimming pool. You may be interested in learning more about the different kinds of treatments available through the spa—a good place to start is by reading about the options for body and skin treatments.

The resort also has a restaurant that serves local cuisine as well as international dishes. The food here draws on influences from all over the world but is chiefly focused on French and Italian cooking techniques with Maldivian ingredients.

The bar at Mirihi island resort offers various drinks to choose from including cocktails, beers, wines by glass or bottle and spirits such as vodka, gin and rum along with a range of non-alcoholic beverages like juices smoothies milkshakes sodas fruit punches teas coffees etc…

It offers all-inclusive packages and diving excursions, including night diving.

Mirihi is the perfect island if you want to dive. With a PADI qualified instructor and facilities, the resort can offer diving courses from beginner to experienced levels. The resort also offers night dives, with divers being able to explore the colorful world under water in an entirely different way. Other activities include snorkeling, windsurfing and water skiing.

This island resort is perfect for honeymooners or anyone else looking for a romantic getaway to paradise.

Romance is in the air at Mirihi Island Resort, a luxury resort on an island that’s only 37 acres big. All rooms in this Maldives haven are over water bungalows, and guests can spend the day snorkeling around the island’s reefs. The restaurant offers a choice of dining experiences, from more formal to casual beach picnics (if you’re feeling romantic). Plus, the environment-friendly resort turns entirely off its power once a week to reduce its carbon footprint.

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